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Rick Dalton

Rick Dalton

Senior Advisor

Rick Dalton (RSE), Red Seal Electrician in both Construction and Industrial.  Rick has over 35 years of experience in the construction industry.  During this time, Rick demonstrated his leadership in building capacity for under-represented and marginalized groups within the skilled trades.  Rick proudly and boldly stood on his principles and fought for innovative approaches to help women and indigenous people become employed and supported in the construction trades.

​Rick was the first labour leader within the building and construction trades in NL to take a stand on equality and diversity.  Despite much adversity and criticism he received for his perseverance, he didn’t waiver and he continued making provisions to allow women and Indigenous people to enter the trade.  He further supported them by working with project owners and contractors to implement mechanisms in the workplace to support the inclusion of women and Indigenous people and to mentor them through their apprenticeship.

​Through his dedication, commitment, and belief that the industry would become much stronger by diversifying, he blazed the trail for others to follow his lead on making the construction industry more inviting and supportive of under-represented groups.

While Rick Dalton deserves full credit for his personal commitment and dedication to equality and diversity, he remains humble and works in the background.  He always makes others shine as he mentors them to become leaders themselves.  He takes his reward from knowing he’s making a difference and is helping our Warriors to become leaders in their communities.

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